Dina Saleh brings her tool box and sets up a space for some jewelry making!
It was sooo interesting seeing her use itsy bitsy little pryers, tweezers, and nails to make her own chains!
updates on her work soon!


Issue #0 of Design Magazine.
Adoring the over all throwback to Arabic type in this issue. The cut out on the cover represents more than just a swiveled square, its symbolizes the number 0 in arabic writing.
We also love squares that stand on their toes.
And duh, they have facebook.


Our first go at using the metal wires. Realized that making a simple “rapid ball of harmonious energy” wasnt as easy as we expected it to be.

The experience was surprisingly creative. and not just in a way that produced a fully satisfactory result but in an explorative way that allowed us to dive into working with a medium we had no knowledge about. Having to just experiment was just the “WAKE UP you dont know jack shit” nudge we needed!

Working on manipulating straight lines with our hands, understanding how the wires took form, and  using random objects to create different bends and ties wasnt easy without research. But we really wanted that element of discovery when dealing with new mediums. Gotta admit, it reminded us of a younger time when almost all the techniques were novel, and there were so many mediums and processes we had yet to discover.

Before diving into deep research on a medium and its process try it out first! its so fun spending a short “Hey there nice to meet you” session with ‘em before getting to know a specific technique you may see in a video tutorial or book. We LOVE searching for video tutorials and watched a few already, but we realized that during our explorative session we naturally came up with techniques that we didnt see in any of the videos.

So lesson here is, embrace the experience during an existential moment of discovery when confronted with new elements. Then go do ‘yer research.

Want to have that explorative creative experience but dont have any mediums in mind?

Just drop by your closest art store and browse the products, you may come across PVA glue and decide to try out Paper mache or see palette knifes and decide to do an abstract painting on canvas. Or even easier, you could do what I did and stumble upon these tools and techniques. I started crochet and knitting because my grandmother had a box of yarn and knitting/crochet tools laying around. Same story goes for palette knifing, beading, weaving, silk painting, sewing, embroidery, and charcoal drawing.

You are limitless.

We made a little person in a bubble of chaotic energy caused by its inner conflicts.

Aaaaaaand… A candle cradle.


Love getting my hands dirty during the creative process. This originally started out as an expressive portrait, but I got kinda carried away and got derailed from the concept.

Cant say this is my best work but it was totally fun finger painting while listening to the jam sessions of former band mates,Faisal Bundakji and Jameel Azher.

And this is where I got stuck. I think im going to be removing the face after all.

I don’t mind these endless-possibility pieces I find myself falling into every now and then.

Will keep y’all posted on the end result!



Much love to Architect Duaa Balkhy, who dropped by and donated a few dozen of these gold and silver wire bouquets.
Shes working on sculpting something as we speak, will keep y’all updated on the final result!



Value is the name given areas that are white to black or dark to light. The value of an area is seen by the amount of light reflected from it. Value has expressive power. (Footnote3: Ocvirk, Otto G.:”Art Fundamentals”)

The World of M. C. Escher, 
Figure 109. Three Spheres II. p. 94

Light hitting a solid creates shadow and a sense of volume. Variations in light and dark create planar space. Value gradations evoke gradual movements across a plane or around a sphere. Even,flowing tones create a gentle curve, while abrupt changes in value produce sharp or abrupt angles in space.



Still filling it up with supplies, storage, and tools. Not to mention moving furniture around on a daily basis (Iv developed some sort of OCD of moving the furniture around).

Getting more shelves and storage for books/supplies, another painting Isle, and a large surface for group work sessions. Oh, and painting the wall.

We do love the lighting. The windows bring in a lot of light, there are sets of adjustable spotlights, and a set of smaller elegant mood lights. So great for painting, as well as social sessions. Dad seems to like it, so I think were on the right track.

We’d appreciate any tips and pointers on setting up a casual art space!

Talk to us, you know you want to.